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What We Offer

Our Products.

Global Tech business group is not limited to supply products, we are a proactive organization align with our clients’ needs, in order that they  can obtain products of excellent quality and competitive prices that they add value to their operations.

We are in a continuous learning process looking for new products in the market, generating confidence to our clients, in order to provide them with “up to date” and “state-of-the-art” product.

People know they can trust the safety and quality of our products. That trust is important to us. We’ve put in place the best quality systems for our  products. And we continue to make these system better to create the our clients expect and can feel good about with us.

Our Products

Oil and Gas

GlobalTech Business Group supplies products of enforced quality for the Oil & Gas industry, we have a wide variety of casing commensurate with the need for industry and complying with international standards

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GlobalTech BG provides enforced quality for the area of energy products, we have at your disposal plant electrical high capacity and power to others we are introducing lighting system by led and provision of energy through solar panels

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GlobalTech BG, is supplier of Superior Essex has manufactured more than 5,000 different communication cable designs in our multiple ISO 9001:200 / TL 9000 facilities.

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